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Commercial Oven Cleaning and Extractor Cleaning

Warwick Oven Cleaners are experts in the cleaning of commercial ovens and extraction units. Our fully trained specialists can remove the toughest stains and grime, and just cleaned equipment can be used immediately after the clean is carried out for food preparation. We offer the following services:

Commercial Oven Cleaning

We are able to clean commercial kitchens and food preparation areas to the highest possible standards. Our specially developed cleaning solution deep cleans your ovens and ensures that surfaces are not scratched or scraped. This means your commercial ovens will come out looking sparkling new.

We are also entirely flexible and can clean your kitchen at a time that best suits you. Our products are both non toxic and non caustic, meaning you can get straight back to food preparation once we have finished your clean.

Commercial Extractor Hood and Duct Cleaning

Kitchen extraction units fill up with grease, fat and dirt over time and if left can become a potential fire hazard. Warwick Oven Cleaners are experts in removing this grease and grime using specialist chemicals and equipment.

No commercial environment should ever go longer than 6 months without having the extraction systems cleaned. Often, kitchens that produce a lot of high volume fat and oils will have their extraction units a lot more frequently than this.

Warwick Oven Cleaners are able to provide reputable, expert advice on how frequently you should clean your extraction units, and we can arrange a cleaning and maintenance schedule to clean these units for you.

If you are interested in the above services or just want to make an enquiry please call us now on 01926 614 781 or fill in our contact form. We are able to provide a free no obligation quote if you require one.

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Commercial Oven Cleaning

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